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Veniibot Mopping Vacuum Robot N1Max

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Veniibot Mopping Vacuum Robot N1Max Veniibot

Real mopping floor with pressure- mopping pressure upgrade
The N1 MAX upgrades exclusive pressure mopping technology, the two torque cranks go downwards to apply uniform pressure to keep mop close to floor and let the floor cleaner.
  • Two torque cranks to apply pressure
  • 10N pressurization is equivalent to 1kg of force
  • 300% increase in cleaning capacity.
Self-clean of mop fabric- mopping room with washed fabric
98% improvement in cleaning efficiency
Ordinary sweeping robots do not have the ability to wash mops, a mop is dragged from the beginning to the end and mop must be washed manually every day. Every time when N1 Max sweep the certain area, it will return to the base to clean the mop and return to the breakpoint continue sweeping and mopping, ití»s always mopping floor with washed mop.
  • Self-clean mop fabric every 12m
  • Scraper scrub mop fabric
  • Return to continue cleaning
2000Pa Powerful Suction- easily to suck large particles
N1 Max owns unique dual-motor retractable side brush, rolled middle brush, 2000Pa super suction, non-woven dust bag and four-level cleaning upgrade, which give N1 MAX very strong sweeping ability. N1 MAX with unique lifting structure design supports switch sweeping and mopping freely, including three cleaning modes cleaning and mopping, sweeping or mopping only, mopping with large suction.
  • Dust, beans, seeds, peanuts and etc
  • Dual motor side brush, the side brush will extend forward to clean corner thoroughly
  • Roller main brush, ití»s dismountable and easy to sweep large particles, fits the floor.
  • Big fan & strong suction, 2000Pa strong suction with 4 wind speeds to adjust.
  • Non-woven dust bag, ití»s more breathable and effective than plastic dust box of ordinary vacuum cleaner. Ití»s comparable to a handheld vacuum.
Multi-function APP- experience intelligent life
N1 Max APP has rich control function such as setting on time, to clean where you point and clean on specific area. Ití»s convenient for users to control and set remotely.
  • Regular cleaning
  • Fixed point cleaning
  • Specific area cleaning
  • One- click recharge
  • One- click for washing mop
  • Mode switching
Laser navigation- efficient coverage
N1 Max is equipped with advanced radar and control system and uses navigation technology in unmanned driving field to scan the map of the whole house and plan route automatically. Ití»s very efficient and non-repeated to clean as planned. It takes about 90-120 minutes to clean a 120m area.
Extra-large capacity battery- larger cleaning area
The N1 Max uses a 5200 mAh large-capacity battery with a battery life of more than 120minutes on a single charge, and can easily clean houses of 120square meters.
  • 5200 mAh large capacity battery
  • 120 minutes longer battery life
  • 120m wider cleaning area  
Large capacity of dust bag
The N1 Max has a large capacity of dust bag, it can hold about 1 week of garbage. At the same time, except the standard non-woven dust bag, which can be taken out and thrown away when full, avoiding manual secondary cleaning of traditional sweepers.
  • Whole house cleaning
  • Clean on specific area 
  • Clean where you point
  • Select room
Three Cleaning modes- intelligent switching
N1 Max with unique lifting structure design, supports switch sweeping and mopping freely, including cleaning and mopping, sweeping only and mopping only which will bring you the new experience of sweeping and mopping.
  • Cleaning and mopping
  • Mopping only clean with 2000Pa large suction
  • Mopping only mopping silently to enjoy cleanliness
No repeat to build maps- for duplex house
N1 Max breaks through the limitation to build only one map for ordinary sweeping robots in duplex home. It can save up to 3 maps and switch maps with one click. Doní»t need to build maps repeatedly.
Stronger cleaning strength
The scraping strength of N1 Max is up to 40N. in conjunction with the micro-electric spray nozzle, the mop stains can be cleaned easily. The charger base support to separate clean and sewage water, one tank of water can mop the area of more than 120m.
  • 40N scraper scrubbing cleaner mop washing
  • 800ml large water tank, separate clean and sewage water
Important components Elite quality
N1 Max is trustworthy to use a large number of components with Elite quality.
  • Japan NIDEC fan
  • Rockchip 4 core intelligent hardware CPU
  • US ST wall sensor
  • Germany Bosch Gyroscope
More thoughtful configuration
  • 100,000 times striking plate crash test.
  • Radar collision avoidance, protecting household and fragile goods.
  • Less than 15%, automatic recharge in case of power failure.
  • Breakpoint cleaning, continue cleaning after charging.
  • 2000 hours, continuous working life.
  • 3 cliff sensors, doní»t worry about falling down from the stairs.
  • 2cm over obstacles, easy obstacles crossing without stress.
  • OTA online upgrade, upgrade system online to experience the latest functions.

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